EasyTV Studio is an all-in-one complete video production mini-studio optimized for a single user to produce high-end quality professional videos fast and easy, with no technical knowledge required.


A unique out of the box system provides integrated knowledge with all components preconfigured. You don’t need to be an expert to execute.

Professional Quality Software

Designed by professional video producers for non-professionals. The EasyTV Studio allows dual recording functionality while the software centers around a Storyboard-focused recording interface to pre-plan your video projects. The EasyTV Studio includes a built-in teleprompter for script set-ups prior to video capturing. Alternatively, simply start recording to capture HD quality video at a fraction of the cost of other studio products.

Professional Quality Hardware

Equipment includes two HD cameras with switching capability, PC with 1TB hard disk, 15”monitor with 180° rotation capability, audio preamp and microphone, three-point lights on tripods, green screen, teleprompter, wireless keyboard and mouse, cable accessories, wireless and LAN, aluminium panel casing and more.

Price Performance Leader

You cannot create a complete professional production studio for a lower price than EasyTV Studio. Consider the cost and time required to select and integrate components for a production studio. You don’t have to purchase unnecessary materials or learn what equipment is best suited for your needs.


Hand-selected and pre-calibrated components have been optimised to ensure quality output.


Detailed overview on our studio packages, hand-picked accessories and advanced post production editing services.


  • Lights and Camera Accessories
  • Audio Accessories
  • External Monitors
  • Extra Video Storage

Video Editing Services

  • Professional team of post-production engineers and editors
  • Any size project
  • Pre-order estimates
  • Fast turn-around with high-end delivery